Jodhpur to Jaipur Cab Service

Are you planning a journey from the picturesque city of Jodhpur to the bustling streets of Jaipur? Your quest for a reliable and affordable cab service ends here. Our one way taxi service from Jodhpur to Jaipur ensures a smooth and comfortable journey

Affordable One Way Taxi Rides from Jodhpur to Jaipur

Jodhpur Jaipur one way taxi, we understand the need for cost effective without compromising on quality. Our Jodhpur to Jaipur cab fare provides you low cost options that allow you to travel in your budget. We believe that your journey should be just as enjoyable as your destination, and we make it possible.
Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles offers various options to suit your preferences and group size. From compact cars to spacious SUVs, we are best cab service from Jodhpur to Jaipur journey. Our affordable Jodhpur to Jaipur cab are well-acquainted with the route, ensuring a safe and memorable ride.

Book Round-Trip Jodhpur to Jaipur Taxi Services

We tailor our Jodhpur to Jaipur round trip taxi services to meet your specific needs. Explore cities with the peace of mind that comes from our reliable and secure Jaipur to Jodhpur round trip taxi service.
Our booking process is straightforward and hassle-free. Secure your round trip taxi from Jodhpur to Jaipur with ease by making a simple phone call. Book now and ensure a smooth journey between these two captivating cities.

Reliable Jodhpur to Jaipur Car Rentals

Reliability is a key factor when choosing a car rental service . We take pride in providing reliable Jodhpur to Jaipur car rentals, ensuring that your journey is as smooth as possible. Whether you're traveling for business, leisure, or a special occasion, we have the right vehicle for you.

Our drivers are not just skilled in navigating the roads; they're also friendly and committed to making your journey enjoyable.

Choosing a cab from Jodhpur to Jaipur

Vedanshi Cabs provides you with all possible available options to ensure that you travel safely and in the most comfortable manner. Some of the most popular cabs for this route are Mini, Sedan, SUV and Innova. You can rent a mini for as low as Rs. 11 per km. We also provide you with more comfortable rides like Innova at the rate of cheapest in industry. You can check the rates for the popular from the table down below:

Jodhpur to Jaipur Cab options Total Price
Mini Cab ₹ 4500
₹ 4365
Sedan Cab ₹ 4800
₹ 4656
Suv Cab ₹ 6500
₹ 6305
Innova Cab ₹ 7000
₹ 6790

Exploring the Jodhpur to Jaipur Route: Your Ultimate Cab Service

Experience a hassle-free journey from Jodhpur Airport to Jaipur with our comfortable and reliable cab service. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the picturesque route as we ensure a seamless ride to your destination.

Unveil the Jodhpur to Jaipur Experience

Reserve your Jodhpur to Jaipur cab booking today with our reliable service!
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27x7 Support for Jodhpur to Jaipur
27x7 Support for Jodhpur to Jaipur

Affordable One Way Taxi Rides: Your Gateway to Exploration

Your journey should begin with low cost and comfort in mind. We offer one way taxi rides from Jodhpur to Jaipur that let you explore this incredible route without breaking the bank. We offer a variety of vehicles in our Jodhpur to Jaipur cab service. Book your one way Jodhpur to Jaipur taxi and embark on an affordable yet comfortable journey

Round Trip Jodhpur to Jaipur Taxi Services: Embrace Flexibility

Discover the cab distance from Jodhpur to Jaipur and seize the chance to enjoy the finest round-trip taxi services. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, heritage, and history of these cities at your own pace. Book your Jodhpur to Jaipur taxi now to enjoy a flexible and memorable expedition.

Reliable Jodhpur to Jaipur Car Rentals: Your Trusty Steed

Reliability is the core of our car rental services. Our professional drivers, well-versed with the Jodhpur to Jaipur route, ensure a safe and stress-free ride. When you book a cab from Jodhpur to Jaipur, our drivers are not just chauffeurs – they're your reliable travel companions.
Are you prepared to embark on your journey with a dependable car rental service? Book your Jodhpur to Jaipur car and experience comfort and security.

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Embark on Your Jodhpur to Jaipur Journey

Jodhpur to Jaipur intercity cab is one of the busyiest route in the heritage of india. Jodhpur Airport to Jaipur or need to know about Jodhpur to Jaipur cab distance, Contact us we can share best cab option for you. Ensure that your Jodhpur to Jaipur journey is brimming with exploration, and memorable experiences. Book our cab service today and set out on an adventure that promises affordable, flexibility, and reliability. Your journey commences with us, and we eagerly anticipate becoming a part of your narrative.
Jodhpur to Jaipur Mini Cab
To travel from Jodhpur to Jaipur , make a reservation for a minicab today. Travelling in a Mini Cab allows you to enjoy your journey most cost-effectively and affordably.
Mini Cab Mini Cab
  • 4 seater Mini Cab 4 seater
  • Mini Cab Booking 1 luggage
  • AC Mini Cab AC
  • Automatic Mini Cab automatic

₹ 4500
₹ 4365

Jodhpur to Jaipur Sedan Cab
Sedans provide plenty of performance and excellent handling, as well as plenty of passenger space and a boot that can be closed off. It is a perfect choice for day-to-day driving in undemanding road conditions and long-distance travel. And so, book a sedan today for your journey from Jodhpur to Jaipur .
Sedan Cab Sedan Cab
  • Sedan Cab 4 seater 4 seater
  • Sedan Cab 2 luggage 2 luggage
  • Sedan Cab AC AC
  • Sedan Cab automatic automatic

₹ 4800
₹ 4656

Jodhpur to Jaipur SUV Cab
In comparison to a sedan, an SUV is taller. This makes them more spacious. You may also roll down the back seat for added storage space. An SUV has a more incredible centre of gravity because of its increased ground clearance, impacting its high-speed stability. And so book an SUV and ride comfortably.
Suv Cab Suv Cab
  • Suv Cab 5 seater 5 seater
  • Suv Cab 2 luggage 2 luggage
  • Suv Cab AC AC
  • Suv Cab automatic automatic

₹ 6500
₹ 6305

Jodhpur to Jaipur Innova Cab
If you are planning a trip or a vacation with your family, Innova is the best solution. You can easily complete this 9-hour excursion comfortably and smoothly without any hassle.
Innova Cab Innova Cab
  • 7 seater Innova Cab 7 seater
  • 3 luggage Innova Cab 3 luggage
  • AC Innova Cab AC
  • automatic Innova Cab automatic

₹ 7000
₹ 6790

Why book Jodhpur To Jaipur one way cab with Vedanshi cabs?

  1. Book your One Way Cab From Jodhpur To Jaipur is ideal for customers wishing to save money and have a convenient journey.
  2. A one-way cab/taxi would pick you up in Jodhpur and drop you off wherever in the city of Jaipur.
  3. It is an entirely private cab, not shared with anyone else.
  4. By paying a one-way drop-off fee, you can save money.
  5. Particularly well-suited for airport pickups and drop-offs

FAQs about Jodhpur to Jaipur cab

What are the advantages of booking an online taxi cab booking, Vedanshi cab?
It benefits both the passenger and the driver in that the passenger will receive adequate information through live tracking as to how many minutes the cab will arrive, and the driver will receive the precise take position of the passenger.

What is the Jodhpur to Jaipur taxi/cab fare?
The distance between Jodhpur to Jaipur is 340kms; there are many different fare options. Suppose you book a Sedan car, then that fare starts from Rs.4800, and if you book Suvs, then that fare starts from 6500.

What is the distance from Jodhpur to Jaipur by road?
The distance between Jodhpur to Jaipur is 340kms.

Do I need to carry any ID proof to avail of the vedanshi cab services?
Yes, it is good to carry identity proof with you as a passenger because it is good for the driver to identify you and clarify it. To check in somewhere and for emergencies, it is good to carry identity proof with you.

Which is the most economical cab available in Jodhpur?
The most economical cab available is (Maruti Suzuki) Swift Dzire and (Toyota) Etios.

How is the total fare/price breakup calculated for Jodhpur to Jaipur taxis/Cabs?
Jodhpur to Jaipur cab price based on the fuel price, driver allowance, toll tag, government tax.

I don't have a Credit/Debit card or Net banking. Can I still book a taxi/cab?
Yes, you can book a cab by confirming it on the phone; you can pay on cab arrival.

How to make online cab booking with vedanshi cab?
You can book a cab online with an online taxi booking portal via the vedanshi cab website ie, , or you can call on:+91 78785-43433, and after booking, a confirmation message or call will come to your contact number.

What are the payment options for booking a cab on vedanshi cabs?
Vedanshi cab accepts all types of online payments, including all debit/credit cards. Also, we accept payment by Paytm, Google pay, all UPI transfers and Net banking.

Can I Book a one way taxi/cab from Jodhpur to Jaipur?
Yes, you can book one way to Jaipur.

Is any hidden cost to Jodhpur to Jaipur one way Taxi?
No, there are no hidden cost attached to taxi services, bill and payments are all transparent.

What if I want to cancel Jodhpur to Jaipur Taxi?
You can call prior to booking time on our given mobile number : +91 78785-43433

24x7 Service for Jodhpur to Jaipur

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