Abu road to Chandkheda Distance, Duration, Driving Direction by Road, Trains, Flight

The distance between these two places is approximately 230 kilometers by road, and it takes around 4 hours to cover this distance.

There are several modes of transportation available to travel from Abu road to Chandkheda, including taxis, trains, and flights. Let's take a look at each of them.

  • Taxi: One of the most convenient ways to travel between Abu road to Chandkheda is by taxi. There are several private taxi services that operate on this route, providing both AC and non-AC taxi. The journey takes around 4 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions. The taxi fare ranges from INR 3900 to INR 6500, depending on the type of taxi and the services provided.

  • Train: Another popular mode of transportation between Abu road to Chandkheda is by train. There are several trains that run on this route, including the Shatabdi Express, Duronto Express, and Rajdhani Express. The journey takes around 5 hours, depending on the train and the class of travel. The train fare ranges from INR 3700 to INR 6000, depending on the class of travel.

  • Flight: For those who want to travel quickly, flying from Abu road to Chandkheda is the best option. Several airlines operate regular flights between these two places, and the flight time is around 2 hour. The flight fare ranges from INR 5900 to INR 11500, depending on the airline and the time of booking.

If you prefer to travel by taxi from Abu road to Chandkheda, there are several options available. Many private taxi services offer comfortable and convenient rides between these two cities. You can choose between different types of taxi services, including one-way, round-trip, and outstation taxi services.

Abu road to Chandkheda Cab Rates

Vedanshi Cabs provides you with all possible available options to ensure that you travel safely and in the most comfortable manner. Some of the most popular cabs for this route are Mini, Sedan, SUV and Innova. You can rent a mini for as low as Rs. 3900. We also provide you with more comfortable rides like Innova at the rate of cheapest in industry. You can check the rates for the popular from the table down below:

Abu road to Chandkheda Cab options Total Price
Mini Cab ₹ 3900
₹ 3783
Sedan Cab ₹ 4100
₹ 3977
Suv Cab ₹ 5500
₹ 5335
Innova Cab ₹ 6500
₹ 6305

Booking Abu road to Chandkheda Cab with Vedanshi cabs

We at Vedanshi Cabs provides cabs and taxis for multiple purposes. You can get a vehicle for one-way trips and two-way trips. We also offer airport pick up and drop services. So why wait? Make a reservation for a taxi now with Vedanshi Cabs. Booking a cab with Vedanshi cabs is extremely easy. You can book either by call or by e-mail.
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27x7 Support for Abu road to Chandkheda
27x7 Support for Abu road to Chandkheda
Abu road to Chandkheda Mini Cab
To travel from Abu road to Chandkheda , make a reservation for a minicab today. Travelling in a Mini Cab allows you to enjoy your journey most cost-effectively and affordably.
Mini Cab Mini Cab
  • 4 seater Mini Cab 4 seater
  • Mini Cab Booking 1 luggage
  • AC Mini Cab AC
  • Automatic Mini Cab automatic

₹ 3900
₹ 3783

Abu road to Chandkheda Sedan Cab
Sedans provide plenty of performance and excellent handling, as well as plenty of passenger space and a boot that can be closed off. It is a perfect choice for day-to-day driving in undemanding road conditions and long-distance travel. And so, book a sedan today for your journey from Abu road to Chandkheda .
Sedan Cab Sedan Cab
  • Sedan Cab 4 seater 4 seater
  • Sedan Cab 2 luggage 2 luggage
  • Sedan Cab AC AC
  • Sedan Cab automatic automatic

₹ 4100
₹ 3977

Abu road to Chandkheda SUV Cab
In comparison to a sedan, an SUV is taller. This makes them more spacious. You may also roll down the back seat for added storage space. An SUV has a more incredible centre of gravity because of its increased ground clearance, impacting its high-speed stability. And so book an SUV and ride comfortably.
Suv Cab Suv Cab
  • Suv Cab 5 seater 5 seater
  • Suv Cab 2 luggage 2 luggage
  • Suv Cab AC AC
  • Suv Cab automatic automatic

₹ 5500
₹ 5335

Abu road to Chandkheda Innova Cab
If you are planning a trip or a vacation with your family, Innova is the best solution. You can easily complete this 9-hour excursion comfortably and smoothly without any hassle.
Innova Cab Innova Cab
  • 7 seater Innova Cab 7 seater
  • 3 luggage Innova Cab 3 luggage
  • AC Innova Cab AC
  • automatic Innova Cab automatic

₹ 6500
₹ 6305

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